Ben Mearns is a geospatial technology consultant, data analyst, and web software developer.  He is the author of QGIS Blueprints and series of online courses on Geoserver (Fudamentals of Geoserver, Explore Enhanced Interfaces with Geoserver, and Advanced Geoserver).

He was previously the Lead Geospatial Information Consultant at University of Delaware where he – as the senior GIS professional charged with leading, developing, and advising on GIS solutions – developed the geoserver-based campus mapping system. While at UD, he also led classes, lectured, and facilitated workshops on GIS, web development, data science, open software and data, and other technologies. He has held GIS and data positions at the University of Pennsylvania Cartographic Modeling Lab, Princeton University Department of Sociology, and Macalester College Department of Geography, as well as numerous IT consulting relationships with clients in a variety of fields.

Geospatial Expert

Intimate knowledge of all the most popular geospatial software and formats. Author and teacher.

Data Analyst

ETL with exotic and messy formats, Statistical Analysis, and Database Administration.

Software Developer

Full-stack web application development and workflow scripting

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