Importing Data Dump into Postgres

I needed to take four steps to import an Oracle binary dump into PostgreSQL

  1. Open Oracle dump with something like notepad++ or grap and do a find/replace for all the binary characters (these can be highlighted in notepad++) and replace them with something like a pipe character (“|”)
  2. If you know the special characters that are not compatible with UTF-8, then do find/replace on these too now … otherwise you can do this after running the copy command (step 5), since that will give an error for each non UTF-8-able line/character
  3. Open the piped file in Excel and replace with tabs.  Tabs are the standard delimiter in Postgres and by saving out of Excel, you get a uniform number of columns for each record, thereby avoiding “missing data for column” when executing the “copy” command
  4. Create a table in Postgres with the number of columns seen in Excel, using generic data type such as text
  5. execute the copy command … no delimiters param need be given, since it’s tabs
    COPY data FROM 'C:/temp/data.txt'

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